DFY Landing Pages – Pack One


Grab These Done For You Affiliate Niche Landing Pages That Enable You To Build Your List Plus Earn Affiliate Commissions Promoting Some Of The Top Selling Products On Clickbank











Have Your own Instant Niche Business Online In Less Than An Hour

Download your Landing Page Folder and Install Word Press on your Hosting then add a

Free plugin

Using the Free plugin Import one single file from your download folder

Make a few simple edits to your Landing Page to connect your autoresponder and ClickBank Affiliate ID

Promote Your Page and make Clickbank Commissions and Build Your Mailing Lists


A typical example of some of the restrictions

on a standard PLR License is shown below

PLR is a great way to get products online but the trouble with most PLR products is that they come with restrictions of some kind.


What these restrictions are depend entirely on the creator of the product and in most cases you do not find out what these are until after you purchase the product and receive your License.



Cannot give away for free

Cannot Sell Resale Rights

Cannot Sell Master Resell Rights

Cannot Sell PLR Rights

Cannot Sell on Auction Sites

To us Unrestricted PLR means just that…….

You can do anything you like with these products the choice is yours.

Edit any part of this product put your name on it and become an authority in this Niche

Sell Individually or as a Package

Sell at any price you like or use to Build Your List.

Add to Membership Sites,

Sell on Auction Sites

Sell Resale or Master Resale Rights

Sell PLR Rights or even sell Unrestricted PLR Rights

Use as Part of a Sales Funnel or offer as a bonus to your own products.

You can also use this product in other way you see fit, the choice is yours.

How Do These Landing Pages Work

A visitor will come to your site and enter their name and email.


They are then added to your email list and automatically directed to the sales page for the product which is coded with your affiliate link from Clickbank.


When a sale is made you will recieve a commission.


Click on the image to the right to view a sample Landing Page


Some Of These Products Pay
Hundreds Of Dollars In Commission

Here are some Stats from the FastTrack Affiliate Program

  • Commissions: 50% with up to 60% for top promoters means $460 to up to $560 commissions!

  • Webinar conversion rates up to 20% on solid list. Average conversion of 11%

  • Attendee Values Of Up To $214 And $55 Per Registrant!

  • Automatic Weekly Clickbank Payouts 

  • Converts On Just About Any List Type

  • Highest Converting Webinar On The Market

  • Massive Positive Reviews From Customers

  • Incredibly Simple Program Built For Anyone, from Beginner To Expert Teaching Incredibly Unique Strategies


Promoting Affiliate offers is a great way to getting started earning an Online Income. The trouble is if you just promote the normal way by using an Affiliate Link you are NOT doing one of the most important things you should be aiming to do to help you in your own online business…..


Building Your List!


Our Done For You Landing Pages helps to solve this problem

And The Best Thing Is!

Each Landing Page Costs Less Than A Cup Of Coffee


Plus with our Unrestricted PLR you are not tied down to using them to just Build Your List. Here’s a few ideas on how you can use these Landing Pages


Flip on Auction Sites – Sell Individually Or As A Package

Sell MRR, PLR Or Even Unrestricted Rights To This Package

Add To Membership Sites – Use As Part Of Your Sales Funnel


As Far As We Know We Are The Only People Offering True Unrestricted PLR Rights. Once You Have Bought This Product It’s Yours….Do What You Want With It!!



Get All 8 Done For You Landing Pages For Only $17


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a full refund.

We Will Also Include In The Sale A Full Copy Of This Website


Including Sales Page & Thank You Page.

Copy us and sell these Landing Pages as a Bundle.




Easy Installation

Edit As You Please

Set Your Own Price

Full Setup instructions provided




Once You Start To Build Your Lists You Need Something To Sell To Them


Just in case you don’t make that instant affiliate sale, You do have those subscribers on your list.

And with this BONUS MRR bundle, You can sell and keep  100% of the cash.

Just upload and send an email to the relevant list with a product related to what they signed up for info on.

and hey Presto.. MagicMoneyRight in your paypal.

(Oh Wait.. It means Master Resale Rights.. hehe – oh well, either way)


Check Out Your Bonus MRR Package Below




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As we move from an agrarian to an urban culture, dogs are in many ways one of our last and most important links with the natural world. We get pleasure from caring for our gardens and for our pets. This e-book on “Perfect handbook for imperfect dog owners” emphasizes the pet owner to offer good care to his or her pet and also gives solutions for unresolved problems.

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Facebook Ads can be very profitable for your business. But it’s also a way to lose a lot of money if you don’t do it right.


In this specific video training course, you will learn what you need to do to setup your Facebook Ads properly. You will learn to find data about what your audience wants and what is the best way you should approach them.


You will also learn how to make sure your ads appeal to the right person, how do you use the right text, the right image and much more!

If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing, you must first build your business on the right niche.

A niche relates to the category of topics or problems that the products you are promoting solve. 

This step by step guide will help you to create a system that will enable you to make money from ClickBank.


Online digital marketing has numerous advantages for your business. 


Not only is it a cost-effective way to increase awareness about your brand, but the information you post on the Internet travels fast and has no geographical boundaries.


Learning about the effectively utilize the most popular social media platforms is the first step to driving more traffic to your site and finding success. This simple guide will show you what you need to do to boost your targeted website traffic using social media. 

Organic gardening can be both fun and worthy habit.


Organic gardeners tend to cultivate the soil and grow plants based on sustainable and holistic approach.


Organic gardening pertains to growing of vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains and nuts the natural way. This means that there are strictly no fungicides, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and poisonous fertilizers and chemicals in the scene

Let’s Recap On What You Get


Eight Done For You Affiliate Niche Landing Pages That Enable You To Build Your List Plus Earn Affiliate Commissions Promoting Some Of The Top Selling Products On Clickbank

Eight MRR Products You Can Promote To Your Lists And Keep 100% Of The Profits

A Copy Of This Website Enabling You To Start Selling This Package Right Away. Full instructions On How To Install & Edit Included

Unrestricted PLR Rights, As far As We Know We Are The Only People To Offer PLR With FULL Unrestricted Rights. Do Anything You Want With Our Products.

Full Support, Our Support Desk Is Open 24/7 And We Mostly Reply Within 12 Hours

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. We Take All The Risk. If For Any Reason You Are Not Satisfied With Your Purchase Simply Let Us Know And We Will Refund You Your Money

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